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Who We Are

The Center Square was launched to fulfill the need for high-quality statehouse and statewide news across the United States. The focus of our work is state-and local-level government and economic reporting. A taxpayer sensibility distinguishes our work from other coverage of state and local issues.


Where We Are

We are currently covering all 50 states.


Why We're Different

Due to our non-stop coverage of state and local issues, we attract a high-value, news-consuming audience that is often missed by traditional media outlets. The news that appears on originates from Statehouses across the country which are often ignored or understaffed by legacy and local media outlets alike. This provides us with an opportunity to reach Americans with unique, insightful government news and information that they won't find anywhere else.


What We Offer

Advertising packages at can be tailored to fit the needs of our clients.

Our IAB-configured digital advertising positions can be targeted by geography, story topics and other key demographics. Generating millions of unique pageviews each year, is a perfect fit for advertisers big and small looking to reach Americans who are plugged in to the happenings of their home states.

Our growing daily and weekly email newsletters provide our clients opportunities to reach our readers inboxes along side our original reporting. Ranging in size by state, our popular newsletters automatically deliver to hundreds of thousands of readers every week and include banner ads, inline promotional links and sponsorship opportunities.

Regardless of your budget, our sales representatives can help you create a unique program that reaches an engaged and interested news-consuming audience unlike any other.


Inquire About Advertising Opportunities

To inquire about advertising opportunities, please contact Katherine Ruddy at